Monday, March 31, 2014

New York Times tars and feathers Harper and the Conservatives

Canada's reputation under Harper is like Mad magazine; you can no longer take us seriously. The Conservatives are hilarious for their lack of self-awareness. The New York Times nails it.

Who gives a fuck if Trudeau said 'fuck'?

Conservatives are grabbing their hankies and clutching pearls as Justin Trudeau, on the night he humiliated Patrick Brazeau, the Conservative party and Sun News Network, said the word, 'fuck.' Oh my.

Not many will agree with me but my take is that fight was the turning point for modern Canadian politics. If the Liberals want to win, they have to fight. Hard. Simple as that. The Cons showed vulnerability and a lack of pure balls.

Liberals, NDP: it's time to kick the door down. The door has cracked open.

Aren't there any honest Conservatives II?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Godwin's Law put to good use

The Cons are hopping mad. I love how the author picks out some random dude for his opinion - just some shmo - but the guy mirrors the writer's true intentions. Neat trick these journos use. Heh.

Monday, March 3, 2014

When Progressive Bloggers collide UPDATED

Richard Fantin, blogger, thinks I am to blame for the ills of the youth. He thinks it's fine if Millenials blame me, too. I did it all, you see. I spent all their money, caused poverty, ruined the environment, took women's rights away, promoted racism, found oil in Alberta and so on. Or worse yet, I didn't do anything to prevent any of the above.

Get ready old people. You are about to be physically, mentally and emotionally thrown out with the trash heap because our marches, our petitions, our votes, our holding signs, our occupying and marching, didn't conquer the ideology of the right. We failed. And the young left, esp. Fantin, is hopping mad.

My point about ageism, which at least I hope someone caught, was missed by Fantin. The violence is coming. The numbers of 'baby boomer' abuse victims will be staggering - easy targets. I'm just stating the obvious.

DISCRIMINATION IS NEVER OK, Richard. What surprises me is the extent of the prejudice from the elite left, not just the predictable right, that awaits us.

Fantin's tea party final solution makes him just fine with whatever happens. Cos we seniors are just imminent dust, right? What really pisses me off, as Mr. Fantin intimates, left or right as individuals we are all guilty - for not ensuring a better future for the next generation and for not personally spending 24-hours a day helping the young. In the end, you can bet it will be the pacifist left who gets the primary abuse.

Read Richard Fantin. Modern right-leaning progressivism gone to hell.

My two predictions for not-so-distant future

1. As climate change slowly becomes a reality to the deniers, expect those deniers outside Canada to be the first to invade our borders to escape the desolation of their lands. The battle will be titanic. Global warming could very well be the 'apocalypse,' but not in the way religious people think. Americans don't care if you're in their way. Plus, they have guns.

2. Ageism is the new black. It will become the new acceptable form of discrimination against a huge segment of the population over 60. I've already read too many insulting, disgusting articles from 'Millenials' and other ages talking about elders the same way Americans once talked about blacks.

Anybody over 60 will be held personally responsible for the degradation of the environment, the ruination of Iraq, the deterioration of women's rights and any other issue we on the left have been fighting so long. Like Obama, the aged will be held personally responsible for every catastrophe, every bad political decision, every war - all the things conservatives created and love. But it will be ALL our faults and we will ALL be attacked for the right's selfish, violent, sexist, racist, petulant, petty, sexually-repressed ideology for decades to come.


Calgary's most famous NAMBLA subscriber calls PM "a predator"

You can't make this up.