Thursday, June 20, 2013

CBC's "Being Erica" now "Corrupting Erica" with new, contemporary twist

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CBC has resurrected its much heralded yet ignored "Being Erica" series, re-tooled to feature the exploits of hapless Harper agent, Erica Meekes. Starring as Meekes is Mia Wasikowska. Johnny Depp has been signed to play Justin Trudeau and Jeff Garlin, upon release from jail, has been cast as Stephen Harper.

In a brief press briefing, all stars were non-plussed by the naked corruption of the people they are playing. Depp expressed admiration for Trudeau and the way he handles his curls. Likewise, Garlin was enthused about the heavy diet he has been prescribed to play the porcine Canadian PM.

Bonus: in a cameo, Albert Brooks will portray gadfly Ezra Levant, "The character I played in 'Drive' helped prepare me to tackle such an unprincipled, loud and flatulent person as Levant." Brooks thanked Canadian man-about-town and co-star in the overlooked 'Drive,'  Ryan Gosling, for the backstory on Levant, best known in Canada as the Koch-brother sponsored, wingnut-welfare recipient from Alberta.

"Scares me to play such evil"
But thrilled most of all is Wasikowska, who enthused about playing such a conniving, apathy-challenged twenty-something. "She's so different than the usual admirable women I play. I love acting the villain."

Directing the first episode will be David Cronenberg. Sitting silent and intense, when asked why he chose to direct on TV, he intoned, "because horror is scary in any medium, especially when it involves creepy politicians and sleazy assistants."

Attempting to lighten the mood, comic Patton Oswald (Jason Kenney) shouted "boo" in the silence following Cronenberg's remark. Nobody laughed.

"I'm famous!"
The revamped series has a slight name change to "Corrupting Erica," more accurately reflecting the historical reality of the deterioration of the current Conservative party and its hold on starving youths and easily-corruptible co-eds, the audience demo for "Being Erica."

The series debuts on your local CBC station during sweeps week this September.

UPDATE: NOTE: Updated cast here.

UPDATE II: First photo from the PMO Communications office set!


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  4. Keep pitching these awesome storylines to the CBC.

  5. Love the casting! Seems to me your talents are needed in Tinseltown.

  6. .. brilliant .. stunning .. !!!
    Oscars meet Pulitzer Prize meets Monty Python ..
    Fell out of my chair & stopped breathing
    upon reading K. D. Lang as Pierre Poilievre

    You left out Ray Novak ?
    Stephen Lecce ?
    Joe Oliver ?
    Peter Kent ?
    Keith Ashfield ?
    Clement ?

    Oh .. of course ..
    You need additional complete sellouts
    & corrupted stooges for the 2nd episode .. !!

    Silly me ..

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