Monday, July 29, 2013

Postmedia: Hiring of Chrystia Freeland validates right wing view of media as "one gigantic anti-Conservative cabal"

Marc Weisblott pens the crux of right-wing paranoia and self-deception when it comes to Canada's media (emphasis mine).
The view that much of Canadian journalism is one gigantic anti-Conservative cabal — which the Sun News Network has branded “The Media Party” — was further validated as the Globe and Mail prominently trumpeted that one of its own was bidding for the Liberal nomination in a forthcoming byelection to replace outgoing MP Bob Rae. 
He really should read Let Freedom Rain. He could learn something.

The really funny part is that Weisblott actually believes the Globe and Mail is anti-Conservative. LOL. Shall we check the numbers? (Or, are facts anti-Conservative too, Marc?)


  1. John Ibbison such a anti Harpo he makes Margret Wente look like a lefty.

  2. Their persecution complex doesn't appear to do them any tactical harm.

  3. In happier times, there is little doubt that Ibbitson would now be well on his way to a Senate seat. Hmmm, perhaps there could be some openings soon?

  4. Hey Hey Hey
    we do not need the Military Industrial Complex in our Driveway