Friday, July 12, 2013

Trayvon Martin, newly dead on the grass: a photo everyone should see

There's been a boatload of controversy today over the brief airing on Trayvon's lifeless body as he lay in his obviously high retail - almost preppy - clothes. Most of the grief today comes from the right who do not want you to know that Trayvon was not some thug, head covered in a hoodie and teeth full of gold.

That's why this is such an important photograph; it describes more about the incident than any testimony could. It's all right there on the grass, with the exception of Martin's only defence, a bag of skittles.

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  1. I thought the photo of Trayvon--before he was moved, face-down and clutching his blown-out chest, was telling. Zimmerman's story was full of BS. He made it up on the fly during the re-enactment and was NEVER cross-examined, even during his four voluntary 'interviews' with police. Birds of a feather? Hey Jim, did you hear, Crossfire is coming back to CNN this fall? Co-hosted by Van Johnson and Newt Gingrich? At least it'll be half-way intelligent.