Saturday, January 25, 2014

UPDATED: Ethical Oil calls Neil Young 'IndianIgnorant'

Ezra and crew created the racist hashtag #IndianIgnorant for Neil Young. Then they deleted it when they realized their own racism. This is what we're up against. It's not just Licia Corbella and the Conservative press. It's assholes like Vivian Krause, who take money from oil companies to do their bidding. It's Ezra Levant and the rest of the Con media who are colluding to demean Young and Canada's proud First Nations people.

If you don't have an argument, attack the messenger(s).

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UPDATE: This says it all (bolding mine).
Ethical Oil, the pro-industry group named after Ezra Levant’s book of the same name, published a tweet Thursday linking to a Sun News video with the hashtags #AntiCanada and #IndianIgnorant. It was dutifully retweeted by their affiliated @NeilYoungLiesaccount before criticism over the tweet forced them to delete it — without ever explaining or apologizing, obviously. 
Amanda Achtman, the Ethical Oil flack spearheading the Neil Young Lies campaign, refused to answer any questions about the tweet on Thursday and blocked everyone on Twitter who brought it up.
Could Amanda Achtman be the back room dealer in this Ethical Oil scheme? Mmmmm. 

UPDATE II: Now the braintrust behind Ethical Oil is saying that Neil Young hates First Nations people and Young misuses First Nations women. This is going to get uglier folks.

Ethical Oil is now saying that @IndianIgnorance really means NY is ignorant of Indians. I don't know much about India, either.

Can these people sink any lower?

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